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The functions of a property manager in Belgium

The functions of a property manager in Belgium

Property manager in Belgium: roles and functions

A real conductor within a co-ownership, the property manager ensures that harmony reigns between the residents of a building or home. Find out everything you need to know about the property manager in Belgium here.

What is a syndic in Belgium?

The syndic of co-ownership is defined as a natural or legal person responsible for managing the co-ownership (administration, finances, rentals, common activities, etc.). The syndic de copropriété or syndic immobilier in Belgium is also the legal representative of the co-ownership. His presence in a residential or commercial building is therefore mandatory.

The property manager is elected at a general meeting by the condominium council. Each year, the syndic calls all the co-owners to a general meeting. However, extraordinary general meetings may also be held throughout the year. The person appointed is invoiced according to his hours or tasks. As co-owners, you are entitled to propose ideas for fees, taking into account the rates applied by the professional.

What are the roles of a property manager?

He is an organiser, a mediator and a manager. To this end, he or she takes on several roles. His main tasks include :

  • Taking care of the administration: he makes sure to manage all the paperwork related to the co-ownership: registration, contract, co-ownership lease, insurance, maintenance contract, etc. He keeps all the administrative documents that may be useful to you (invoices, certificates, etc.).
  • Financialmanagementof the co-ownership: it collects the rents, manages the provisional budget, the individual accounts and statements as well as the various charges that are the responsibility of the co-owners. He collects the money if necessary. He also manages the bank account of the condominium association.
  • Technical management of the building: he ensures that the building is kept clean. He also manages all the common parts of your condominium (maintenance, upkeep, etc.). In the event of a problem, he/she may be responsible for calling in the breakdown service or maintenance service. In this way, he ensures that all work undertaken within the building is monitored.
  • The management of the condominiumingeneral: the property manager ensures harmony and peace in the cohabitation. In the event of neighbourhood problems or complaints, you can turn to the property manager to find a solution.