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Why use a lease-purchase management service?

Why use a lease-purchase management service?

The main objective of any real estate owner is to make his investments profitable by selling or renting his property. To reach this objective, it is necessary to resort to a service of renting and selling. It is to this task of optimization that is dedicated the brokerage service of Couet & Associés, your agency of sale, rent & rental management. Discover here why you should use our hire-purchase service.

What is the hire purchase management service?

It is a service that an agency provides to individuals, including a property owner and a buyer or tenant. In fact, a real estate agency is a company whose purpose is to manage all the transactions of its customers in the real estate field. Whether it is for the sale of the said property or for its rental, its management or even its estimation.

It is therefore the service by which this agency facilitates the sale or rental of real estate properties by acting as a liaison between an applicant (tenant or buyer) and an offeror (owner). Generally speaking, several professions make up the real estate system (real estate agent broker, real estate agent manager, and notaries).

What are the advantages of using this service?

In this case, it is :

  • the estimation of the property,
  • taking care of the advertising and marketing of your property,
  • the perosnalized strategy
  • Study of the file and screening of buyers or tenants,
  • the implementation of the contract for home ownership,
  • the setting up of the lease,
  • management of other supporting documents for transactions,
  • Administrative and operational management of certifications,
  • mediation for a better settlement of disputes.

Indeed, before any purchase or rental of your property, a marketing and prospecting work is mandatory. This may require the deployment of costly means (human and technical) before obtaining a first potential client. By subscribing to the services of a rent-to-own agency, you say goodbye to all these hassles! Even after having passed the stage of searching for a buyer or a tenant, it is not obvious for a real estate owner to effectively determine the relevance of the latter.

A hire-purchase service includes the estimation of your property as well as the prospecting of the market in order to sell or rent it at the best price. As for the numerous candidates obtained through advertising and marketing, they are subject to an analysis and a study of the file for a rigorous selection. You can be sure to maximize the morality and solvency of your buyers or tenants!

Call on a specialized company like Couet & Associés

For a total transparency between the owner and the buyer/tenant, the rent-to-own service takes care of both the contracting of the lease and the design of the contract for the house or apartment. In case of disputes between owner and tenant/buyers, caused by late payment or any other reason, the real estate agency can offer reasonable mediation to ensure that the problem is solved and the rights of each party are respected in the eyes of the law.

With our rental management agency Couet & Associés, you benefit from even more advantages and peace of mind - we manage your apartment or house for you.