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Couet & Associés is part of the "Parte" group. Active for about 15 years in the field of real estate management, Couet & Associés puts all its expertise at the service of its customers. Professionalism, family atmosphere and proximity are our main qualities.

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Rental and sales service: understanding how it works

Rental and sales service: understanding how it works

Real estate renting/selling is a service that connects owners and clients who want to buy or rent real estate. Find out everything there is to know about renting real estate in Belgium and selling real estate in Belgium.

WhatWhat is a rental/sale service?

This service can be used by two types of clients to help them achieve their respective objectives. Firstly, it is intended for property owners who wish to sell or rent their property. This service puts you in touch with future buyers or tenants. It accompanies you in all the procedures. The real estate professional takes care of finding clients, drawing up contracts and facilitating transactions and administrative procedures related to the sale of real estate in Belgium.

Secondly, this service is aimed at future tenants of properties who wish to proceed with the rental of real estate in Belgium. The professional relieves you of the task of hunting for properties and saves you time. Moreover, it has a large database allowing you to find the property you need.

How does this service work?

Among his major roles are:

  • Putting buyers and sellers in contact. As a sales agent, he receives delegated authority to act in the name and on behalf of his client. In this role, he proposes sale or rental offers to potential buyers concerning a property. He also ensures that the necessary procedures and steps are taken for the sale or rental to be concluded.
  • Advice and negotiations: apart from its real estate intermediation function, the rental/sales department is also a real estate negotiator. To this end, it must implement sales strategies based on important arguments to encourage, for example, the potential buyer to purchase a property. During the negotiation periods, the real estate rental service in Belgium is bound by a duty to advise and negotiate. Thus, during its mandate, it must show diligence towards both parties.

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