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Couet & Associés is part of the "Parte" group. Active for about 15 years in the field of real estate management, Couet & Associés puts all its expertise at the service of its customers. Professionalism, family atmosphere and proximity are our main qualities.

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The job

Our employees are passionate about this job. This is the sine qua non for being able to practice it. It is a multi-faceted profession:

  • The law, and mainly that of co-ownership.
  • Accounting according to the imposed standards.
  • Building techniques.

Apart from these three pillars, the trustee must ideally be a good communicator, both in terms of listening and disseminating information. He or she must be structured, have a sense of synthesis and be able to organise his or her work and agenda according to the priorities of the moment. They are dedicated by nature and above all enjoy human contact.

We are fortunate to have employees in our company who are specialised in certain areas, but who also have all the qualities required to do a good job.


The service

The scope of our mission is essentially defined by the law on co-ownership. It is mainly focused on the execution of the decisions of the general assembly and accounting.

Our profession as real estate agents is subject to a code of ethics. This is set up by the IPI (Institut des Professionnels de l'Immobilier) which also has a supervisory role.


Two people shaking hands after making an agreement


How are condominiums managed at Couet & associés?

A condominium is managed by a manager. This is your contact person. You can address all your requests to him, whether they are of a legal, technical or accounting nature. If the co-owner has specific accounting questions, he will be put in direct contact with the accountant so that he can follow up on them.

Your manager is ideally reachable by phone or email, the latter has the advantage of being able to respond on demand.
Although our work is well organized, events often interrupt our schedule.

The manager is assisted by one or more collaborators. These assist the managers in administrative tasks and are always present in the office, unlike the managers who travel to the site. These assistants are often involved in requesting quotes, drawing up agendas, making breakdown calls, etc. They keep a close eye on the history of the various condominiums and are able to solve most problems.


Philosophy and pricing

The main characteristic of Couet & Associés is to adapt to the co-ownership. We are true chameleons. If your building operates with quarterly or annual accounts, we will follow suit according to your preferences. In terms of suppliers, we have no ambition to change a winning team! Only if you want to change the trade, we will offer you a solution from our range of trusted suppliers.

In terms of pricing we also adapt. We can offer you 2 types of packages. "Essential" and "Prestige".

The 'Essential' pricing allows us to keep the costs to a minimum for both the co-ownership and the syndic. For a fixed price we will provide the legal service clearly defined by the civil code. We keep the accounts, the general assembly and execute the decisions.

Anything that requires travel and follow-up of particular files will be charged extra.

This pricing is particularly suitable for smaller co-ownerships and where some co-owners are really involved in order to minimize costs.
It is a real "win-win" for the co-ownership and for the syndic.

The other option offered is the "Prestige" package. In this version, many of the "additional" services are included in the monthly fee.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer adapted to your needs.


Couet advantages

Framework contract:

Apart from the quality of our service, which is our top priority, we have other advantages. The volume of real estate we achieve does not go unnoticed by suppliers. In various areas we try to make use of this potential and systematically negotiate framework contracts.

These framework contracts have 2 advantages:

The price negotiated with a supplier will probably be one of the lowest that a syndic can obtain.
The financial advantage is obviously entirely transferred to the benefit of the co-ownership. The syndic does not accept any commission.

The service provided will be of high quality. The companies that decide to work for our condominiums know that a poor service can have an impact on other contracts. They therefore give the best possible service.

We would like to point out that we are not bound to any company and assert our complete independence.
These framework contracts are frequently renegotiated.

Companies know that they have to stay on top of their game, as the competition remains.

They are only a suggestion for our co-owners. There is no obligation to contract with these companies.
It is primarily the general assembly that determines who it wishes to work with.

The areas in which we provide a real financial advantage are

(gas and electricity)



Fire extinguishers

Online accounting:

Concerning the finances of the co-ownership, a total transparency is essential.
Our accounting work is daily put on line on a secured part of the site. The co-owner can at any time see the situation of his account.
He can easily check that his payments have been taken into account. The program also provides an extended access for the auditor. The auditor has real access to all the accounting. All invoices are scanned and made available via the interface. This means that the auditor can not only view the invoices, but also the accounting entries, the payments made and the payments received. The control of the accounts is done at any time from any place in the world with an internet connection.

However, it is still possible to make a real appointment at the agency of your choice to have the accounts audited. Whether it is an auditor or an owner, the accounting documents are available to anyone on request. Audits are not necessarily conducted in Waterloo. Our accountants will come to your office if necessary.


We take care of your assets with due diligence

The aim is to make you forget all the constraints of managing one or more properties. We take care of everything.

The agreement is truly "tailor-made" for the client. Some clients wish to be completely unburdened,
others prefer to be involved or consulted before undertaking any work, however small.
We adapt the agreement to all these specificities.

We charge market prices which we adapt to specific requests.

You can rely on our expertise, which we apply on a larger scale in the management of condominiums: legal, accounting and technical.

Responsive service

In order to provide a solution to every problem, we have set up an in-house solution to a common problem: small jobs.

Our teams had real difficulties to find a contractor to repaint 4 mailboxes, to fix a key, to place a tap in the cellar,
evacuate bulky items...

Following our requests, the observation was relatively simple: the intervention times were extremely long and the rates high. We often had to call back the contractors who obviously did not make it a priority.

Couet & Associés has decided to provide its own response: the "Conciergerie" service

Vincent and Mike are our versatile technicians who travel with their vans and tools to all the condominiums managed by Couet & Associates.
The inconveniences we have seen have become advantages! The managers can quickly call upon the "Concierge" service at correct prices.

Sell or rent your property with Couet & Associés

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that following numerous requests, we have decided toextend our services to sales and rentals.

Numerous testimonies indicate that the intervention of the Syndic during your transaction brings confidence and transparency. The fact that the Syndic remains in place after the sale or rental greatly facilitates the transaction.

This new service is only intended for flats that are already present in a co-ownership managed by Couet & Associés

Contact us before 15 December and benefit from a free valuation of your property (without obligation).

Direct contact by phone 0491 900 055 and by email at

Our page - The list of our properties for sale & rent

The entire Couet & Associés team would like to thank you for your trust.