Couet & Associés


Couet & Associés is part of the "Parte" group. Active for about 15 years in the field of real estate management, Couet & Associés puts all its expertise at the service of its customers. Professionalism, family atmosphere and proximity are our main qualities.

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"The company was created by Jean-Marie Couet and his wife Christiane Cop about 15 years ago."

Mainly active in the Waterloo region in the field of condominium and estate management,
the company added "& Associés" to its name in 2008.

The arrival of the son Vincent Couet is a turning point in the life of the company. In addition to the desire to continue to provide an impeccable service to customers, an expansion strategy was put in place. The three conditions to succeed in this challenge are: proximity, the human relationship with our customers and quality employees. Our deployment in Brussels and Wallonia is done through small agencies on a human scale.

Our definition of good service


We are committed to being as close as possible to our customers, and the door of our local agency will always be open to you

Human relations

Let's build a lasting relationship of trust together

Quality staff

Our employees are all selected according to strict quality criteria in order to provide you with competent personnel

With a few exceptions, the properties under management can be reached on foot or by bicycle. Our clients regularly come to us for information. Because of the small structure and the proximity, a real human relationship can be created.

The company is constantly growing, both in terms of employees and branches. It is a real pleasure to work in a company that is on the up and up, and our customers feel it. The expansion is taking place with great care. Quality of service remains the top priority.

Currently the company has 9 management offices (Waterloo, Ixelles, Nivelles, Etterbeek, Wavre, Enghien, Uccle, Liège and Molenbeek). The accounting is done in Braine-l'Alleud by our own employees.

Our offices